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The prefecture of Pella is one of the most historical and naturally beautiful prefectures of Greece, with rich cultural heritage and variety of landscapes. Some of the attractions you can visit are:

  • The waterfalls of Edessa, which are the trademark of the city and constitute an impressive natural phenomenon. The river Edessaios (or Vodas) creates two waterfalls, the big and the small, which fall from a height of 70 and 25 meters respectively. In the area there is a hydrobiological museum, a hydroelectric museum, a water-powered flour mill and a park with lakes and bridges
  • The ancient Pella, the capital of the kingdom of Alexander the Great and his father Philip II. In ancient Pella you can admire the impressive mosaics that decorate the palaces and houses of the ancient Macedonians, which depict scenes from mythology and everyday life. Also, you can visit the archaeological museum, where important findings are kept, such as the marbel head of Alexander the Great
  • The baths of Pozar, is located at the foot of the mountain range of Voras. The baths of Pozar are known for their healing waters, which have therapeutic properties for various diseases. In the area there are pools, hammam, spa, hotels and restaurants, as well as paths for hiking and mountaineering