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Terms of Use

Booking – Rental

Please follow the steps below to make your reservation.

  • Complete your personal information carefully.
  • It is recommended that you let us know your flight number so we can be informed about any delay you may have.
  • The use of personal data is made in accordance with the privacy laws and is only used for the rental contract.
Driver’s license – Driver’s age

The driver and the second driver (the second driver is included in the rental price as long as his name is in the contract from the start of the rental) must be at least 23 years old (maximum age is 75 years old), have a driving license at least 1 year, which they will have to present at the start of the rental.

They also have to present a valid identity card or passport.

All documents should be authentic.

If the customer does not carry one of these documents with him, or one of them is invalid or not accurate, renting cannot be done.

Payment Methods

The rent is paid either in cash, by debit/credit card, or by bank deposit. In case of a cash payment option it is necessary to pay a deposit (in cash) or if you are owner of a credit card, the full credit card number is noted in the contract, from which you do not commit any amount unless the tenant-driver of the rental EASY2RENT vehicle, violates the terms of agreement listed in the contract. easy2rent offers you the possibility to rent a car without a credit card. Conditions: You must purchase Full Extra INSURANCE F.D.W+W.U.G+T.P. & The Driver must be at least 23 years old. If you do not have a credit card and choose C.D.W. insurance, you will have to pay a cash deposit when you pick up the car, depending on the model you have chosen.

Car Category
The reservation and rental of a vehicle is always valid for the specific category of the car you have chosen not for a particular type of car. The site images are examples of the size and efficiency of each category of vehicles. In case a car is not available, EASY2RENT will provide you with a vehicle of the same or higher category (no extra charge)

Renter shall pay EASY2RENT on demand at termination of the rental unless agreed otherwise the sum of:

  • Limited Mileage apply for reservations less than 3 days. Mileage Cost: For more than 150 km per day the charge is 0,10 €/km (for A, B, C, D, VAN categories) and 0,15€/km (for SUV, G 9SEATS categories). After third day the kilometers are free
  • Fuel: You must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel in the tank as when it was delivered.
  • Loss or damaged key: In case of loss or damaged key, the renter will be charged extra € 150
  • Traffic fine :The driver is responsible for traffic fines& is obligated to pay any debts to the competent services. Otherwise the amount of the violation will be charged plus 20€ for traffic fine payment management.
  • Vehicle cleaning: the renter returns the vehicle cleaned and ready for delivery check, otherwise there is a charge of 15 €. In case it is returned with stains that require special cleaning, the renter is charged with extra 80 €.
  • Pickup / Dropoff: Pick up and drop off delivery for locations out of EASY2RENT free service area will be charged with extra before any contract agreement.
  • Ηolidays / Sundays:  Additional charge of €20 for bookings on Sundays and national and local holidays. This additional charge may not appear at the final stage of the booking and you will be required to pay it upon collection or delivery of the vehicle. Sunday charge add up on holiday charge
Delivery Pick-up

The delivery of this available time at the time we will assume.

Our hours are carefully from 8:00 and 21:00.

However, the delivery and receipt of this arrangement can be done 24 hours a day, with the character of € 20.00 for the hours of the year.

Cancellation of reservation
In case you wish to cancel your reservation you will not be charged any costs. You can cancel yours reservation either at or by calling the phones listed on our website.

EASY2RENT vehicles are insured for civil liability against third parties. The renter has the option to choose one of the following insurance coverage. (the daily charge amount depends on the category you chose):

A) Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W. – T.P.) with renter’s financial contribution. In any accident or in case of theft or fire of EASY2RENT vehicle for which the renter is responsible for, is obliged to cover the cost of repairing the vehicle damage, with a maximum amount (depending on the category and the repair cost) as it is written on the front page of this contract agreement.

Β) Fully Damage Waiver (F.D.W. – T.P.) FDW Insurance limits your liability in case of an accident to zero. This applies only if the accident is declared at the time of occurrence to EASY2RENTcars and does not cover damages on wheels, tires, the undercarriage of the vehicle, loss of key, theft and fire, windscreen as well as the interior damages of the car. The cost depends on the category of the car and it is written on the front page of this contract agreement.

C) Full Extra Insurance (F.D.W. + W.U.G. + T.P.) FDW + WUG + TP covers any damage in case of theft-fire, damage undercarriage of the vehicle, wheels, loss of keys, the interior damages of the car, any loss of component and windscreen. The renter will be charged with an extra amount to get this insurance, the cost depends on the category of the car and it is written on  the front page of this contract agreement.

NO insurance coverage APPLIES:

C.D.W. – F.D.W. – W.U.G. – T.P do not cover any damage caused whilst under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance, or damage resulting from violation of the Highway Code or traffic rules or unauthorized driver.

Car Replacement
In case of accident or mechanical damage the vehicle is replaced in our facilities or in SKG within 48 hours (the period from 10/09 to 10/06) or within 72 hours (the period from 11/6 to 09/09).